The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is for Energetic students graduating from grades 9 -12 and looking to take on a bit more of a leadership role in their day camp experience.

It’s also a good first step in the transition from being a camper to becoming paid staff.

CIT programs teach teens leadership and how to work with children. CITs build self-confidence and learn how to make decisions — both independently and as a team — and how to manage responsibility for themselves and for others. But it’s not all work. CITs get to enjoy the same activities they loved as campers, too.

Opportunities For Growth

  • You will gain practical work experience and training that could prepare you for a variety of jobs.
  • CIT’s are not paid, however exceptional CIT’s may have the opportunity of becoming paid staff members in future Summer Camps.
  • A Letter of recommendation
  • Opportunity to become paid staff members in future Summer Camps