What We Are Doing To Prevent COVID-19 Spread
  1. Ensuring all toys and equipment used at the summer day camps are made of material that can be cleaned and disinfected or are single use and are disposed of at the end of the day (e.g., craft supplies)
  2. Minimizing the sharing and frequency of touching of objects, toys, equipment and surfaces, and other personal items.
  3. Increasing the frequency (minimum twice a day) of cleaning and disinfecting objects, toys, equipment and frequently touched items.
  4.Cleaning and disinfecting, at least twice a day, frequently touched surfaces. These surfaces included doorknobs, water fountain/cooler knobs, light switches, toilet and faucet handles, electronic devices, and tabletops. Encourage physical distancing of at least 2 metres between camp participants, parents/guardians and staff by:

      - Spreading furniture, camp equipment, and activity stations out into different areas.
      -Using visual cues (e.g., signs, posters, floor markings, etc.).
      -Staggering or alternating lunchtime and outdoor playtime to reduce number of individuals in lunch area.
      -Spreading camp participants out into different areas.
  5. Incorporating more individual activities or activities that encourage more space between camp participants. Each group will be of no more than 10 individuals including both staff and camp participants who stay together throughout the duration of the program for minimum 7 days, with the following considerations:

      -While close contact may be unavoidable between members of a cohort, physical distancing and general infection prevention and control practices should still be encouraged, where possible.
      -Face coverings (non-medical masks) should be used if physical distancing of at least 2-metres cannot be maintained between the groups:
      -Face coverings may not be tolerated by everyone based on underlying health, behavior issues or beliefs. Consideration should be given to mitigating any possible physical and psychological injuries that may inadvertently be caused by wearing a face covering (e.g., interfering with the ability to see or speak clearly, or becoming accidentally lodged in equipment the wearer is operating). The different groups within the camp will not mix with each other or be within in the same room/space at the same time, including mealtimes, playtime, outdoor activities, program spaces, tents, staff areas/rooms, etc.
      -Programs that utilize a room/space that is shared by the groups or has other user groups must ensure the room/space is cleaned and disinfected before and after using the space. A cleaning log will be posted and used to track cleaning
      -Each group will have designated equipment (e.g., balls, loose equipment) or clean and disinfect equipment between each group uses
      -Personal belongings brought to camp should be minimized. If brought to camp, personal items (e.g. backpack, clothing, towel, water bottles, food, etc.) should be labeled and kept in an area designated for the individual’s group and should not be handled by individuals from other groups.
Camper Screening
Parents will be required to complete and sign a waiver staring that the child and family do not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19. Each camper will also have a mandatory temperature check at the beginning of each day.  Any camper or staff that shows symptoms for Covid-19 at camp will be isolated in a designated space and required to be picked up immediately.  Under these circumstances Staff and camper will be required to wear appropriate PPE including masks. I want to be clear that campers will not be required to wear masks in the normal camp environment.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer that has been approved by Health Canada will be used and distributed through a pump bottle by staff and supervised while in use. If you decide to send your child to camp with a personal bottle of hand sanitizer, we ask that no sharing between campers take place.
Field Trips
At this time, all field trips and activities requiring group transportation will be cancelled.
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