hello this is my first educational video for the internet or teach creative people how to start a business and follow the dreams ok my name is Christian West I’m a freelance writer and I wanted to start teaching other people how to be freelance writers because it’s a cool job and a lot of people want to get started and they don’t know how so I wanted to make some videos about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it yesterday I posted a thingy in one of the freelance writer Facebook groups that I’m in I posted a screenshot of a cold email that I sent in it I said that I write case studies I got a lot of really sweet comments from folks and a couple of them wanted to know what a case study is if I’m a freelance writer why should I want to write this if I’m a Content marketer why should I want to use that today I’m going to tell you a case study is basically just a story about a happy customer it details how a company solved their clients problem from start to finish like any good story it’s got exposition conflict resolution you’re with me what problem that client was having why they chose this company to help them over the competition the strategy that they use to solve that problem using the company’s product or services and lastly how much better they were after using that product or service sometimes they’re called customer success stories I honestly would go so far as to say they’re one of the most valuable content marketing tools you could possibly use they show that your business is helping real humans with real problems prospective customers can read about that and you know see the proof in the pudding actual evidence of how helpful and awesome you are the first thing we usually do before we spend money on anything is we read the reviews ray if you want to buy a lamp on Amazon you usually scroll down and you know see what other people are saying about it right you want to know if it’s made from nice materials did it break easily is it smaller than it looked in the picture you want to hear insight from other people before you choose to spend your money on the thing the more money you’re about to spend the more you care about whether or not it’s actually good that’s exactly why case studies are super helpful for business-to-business companies who are selling something really complicated or really expensive and they want to show people this is a good investment look at how it’s helped all these other people from a freelance writer perspective case studies are fantastic too right they’re fun it’s just storytelling if you know how to test spin a good story you’re gonna love writing them towards the lower end of the spectrum a case that he can pay like three to six hundred dollars medium range once you’ve got a couple in your portfolio is like thousands fifteen hundred dollars a page depending on your experience really really expensive case studies for companies that have ginormous budgets can pay like up to four thousand dollars that’s rare but it does happen so that’s the basics of what case that he is I’m gonna make another video I think about the process of creating one if you guys are interested so this is gonna be this is the beginning of a long beautiful YouTube journey by

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